“When specialist advice is your only option”

When you are subject to an investigation, arrest or detention under Terrorism law it is vital that you immediately obtain the services of a highly experienced specialist defence team. We have solicitors with over two decades of experience dealing with high profile terrorism cases. We have an excellent track record of successfully defending the rights of our clients. A specialist solicitor will be designated to your case who will guide you and anyone else affected throughout the process.

We provide advice and representation including where clients have been arrested, detained for long periods and during the search of any premises. If you are suspected of encouraging or promoting terrorism or are being prosecuted for activities both within and outside the United Kingdom you will need a solicitor with a strong and thorough understanding of this complicated and rapidly changing area of law. Should you be approached by Intelligence Services (MI5) or Counter terrorism Police we strongly advise you to contact us in the first instance and let us assist you.

Our specialist solicitors and dedicated support team have worked alongside some of the leading barristers and Queens Counsel (QC) in this area of law to secure the best outcome for our clients.

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