We undertake Legal Aid work in the areas of Criminal law and Family law. All other areas of law are currently privately funded and will advise you about the costs of your case and the various options available at the initial consultation.

Our private fee structure is competitive as we strive to provide quality legal services, at affordable rates whilst maintaining high standards of service.  Unless a fixed fee has been agreed, our costs are based upon the time we spend on your matter and the expertise of the lawyer dealing with your case. We urge clients to contact us directly with queries in relation to funding their case as we also appreciate that social, financial and personal difficulties often give rise to issues necessitating legal assistance.

We believe in offering a Fee Quote that provides our clients with a sense of certainty. That is why, wherever possible, we work on a Fixed Fees basis. You can be certain the amount we quote for the work we do is fixed and transparent.  This certainty is invaluable for those with complex immigration cases which may take some time to resolve.  Businesses needing to carefully manage their cash-flow and budgets when seeking legal advice on Sponsor Licence matters also appreciate the certainty that their final bill will not increase from the agreed amount.

The time spent in the first consultation will form part of the fixed fee for the case. You will pay a deposit in order to have ‘a retainer’, sign a contract between us and you, and before we submit your application (in a straight forward application), or conclude your case, you will pay the balance due. If the case is ongoing you will be issued with interim bills to pay towards your fixed fee costs.

On some occasions you will be charged an hourly basis. All disbursements are in addition to the fixed fee. If you are subject to VAT, this will be added to the costs.

We are offering a first free consultation on Zoom.  All you have to do is provide your details on the contact page and we will call you.  After the initial call, if you wish to proceed with obtaining further advice, we will arrange free of charge first Zoom consultation

Fixed fees :

Divorce and Family

Our fixed fee divorce and family solicitors can represent you in your divorce and family matter on fixed fee fixed basis.

Divorce – Undefended straightforward divorce . The fee does not cover children and finance matter: £2000 plus VAT. Court Fee £550

Complex Divorce matters will be chargeable on hourly rated of £250 plus VAT

Injunction – Making an application and service of the order.  The fee does not include subsequent proceedings: £2300 plus VAT

Child Arrangements Order –  Initial meeting and issuing the application: £800 plus VAT. Court’s fee £215

Fixed fee for the preparation for each hearing :  £2000 plus VAT. This is exclusive of the Barrister’s fee or any other documents. The fixed fee is payment 10 days before each hearing.

Other family work to be conducted in hourly rate of £250 plus VAT.


We operate a “fixed fee” approach to 99% of our cases which means that our clients never have any hidden costs at any point during their legal case with us. We can also offer “payment by instalment” packages for those clients who wish to spread out the costs of their case. Although every legal instruction is unique and must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, we have provided a general guide to our pricing structure for your convenience. Please note that the prices displayed may increase depending on the number of applicants and the overall complexity of the case. Most of the below charges are subjected to VAT.

Criminal and all other private matters:

Our price structure will depends upon the complexity of the case however as general rule we adopt the following fee structure:

Partners & Senior Solicitors: £300 – £400/hr Plus VAT

Solicitors: £200 to £275/hr Plus VAT

Trainees Solicitors: £150 – £175 PLUS VAT

We aim to offer a free 15 minute initial consultation to all prospective clients to consider their legal issue, gauge whether we can assist and advise on their funding options.

We ensure you have a solution with the right experience and approach to you.
Your solicitor will develop understanding of your needs and the approach you want to take.
We will provide a detailed cost estimate before you agree to proceed with your case.
We will identify the best way to achieve your goals that are realistic and attainable.
We deliver on our promises and celebrate our successes, we are friendly and caring.
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