POCA & ConfiscationsPOCA & Confiscations

“POCA doesn’t have to mean out of pocket!”

We have a specialist team dedicated to dealing with all aspects of confiscations and forfeiture matters dealt with under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, also known as ‘POCA’. It is now common practice where defendants are convicted of drugs and fraud offences involving financial gain that the statutory assumptions of a more general ‘criminal lifestyle’ are applied and the Crown pursue a confiscation order.

The prosecution is entitled to investigate 6 years of a convicted person’s finances and analyse the source of their assets and income. The onus is upon the defendant to prove that the sources of funds or assets are legitimate failing which they may be subject to confiscation or forfeiture by the crown.

Our extensive experience means we deal with many complex and high value cases. We have an excellent track record in protecting our client’s assets. If you are facing such a prosecution, please contact us and we will help you submit a successful response and protect your future.

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