Nick Wells

Nick Wells

Nick Wells is an experienced criminal barrister, who both prosecutes and defends. He has wide experience of cases, including murder, the major importation and distribution of drugs, firearms offences, kidnapping, death by dangerous driving, manslaughter and child cruelty.

Nick has prosecuted and defended in many cases alleging serious sexual offences, including historic, stranger, marital, and interfamilial offences.

Nick has represented defendants in many cases involving psychiatric or cognitive issues and contested expert evidence.

Nick is accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access services.

Notable Cases
Recent examples:

R v LB. (2018) 2 x Conspiracy to transfer firearms convictions and 12 year sentence quashed in the Court of Appeal due to disclosure failures. Acquitted on single retrial.

R v FB, XB, DV. Albanian family falsely gained Asylum as Kosovors in late 1990's. Significant benefit fraud alleged. 1st such case prosecuted to completion in Crown Court. Numerous immigration and other legal issues. My client unfit to stand trial. Prosecution did not go on to prove facts against her.

R v AH (and 8 others). Gang stabbing. Gang membership and intentions proved by drill music videos and multi media boasts and threats. AH acquitted Conspiracy to cause g.b.h, guilty violent disorder.

R v S. (2018). Successful prosecution of trainee solicitor for perverting the course of justice.

R v RS and R v PS (2018) Successful defence in 2 cases of alleged sexual assaults by taxi drivers.

R v H (2018). Successful defence for historic sexual offences against 2 females then aged under 13.

R v GW (2018). Instructed for Court of Appeal only. Appellant imprisoned for dangerous driving-head on collision at 85 m.p.h while overtaking on bend. Court of Appeal allowed appeal, suspending the sentence.

R v B, K, M, and R (2017). Successful prosecution of 4 defendants for kidnapping and blackmail. Victim put into boot of car, driven to remote area, assaulted, driven back in boot and left in town car park.

R v D (2017). Successful defence on all 16 Counts in Indictment alleging multiple rapes and sexual assaults of 2 first cousins, aged 11 and 12 at time of trial.

R v Y (2017). Defendant claimed sexually assaulted by fellow long term prisoner. Stabbed him in jugular I hour later with improvised knife. Negotiated concurrent sentence.

R v S (2017). Alleged sexual assault by minicab driver. Defence-false claim, motive compensation. Acquitted.

R v QL (2017). Brilliant student built his own high powered computer and downloaded over 100,000 indecent images and films. Suspended sentence.

R v K (2016) (led) Defendant produced knife and attempted to Murder 3 acquaintances during drug taking session. Numerous psychiatric issues.

R v McC (2016). Successful defence to s.18 and s.20. Young mother from the traveller community with autism and learning difficulties. Unfit to stand trial-acquitted on basis of self defence to stabbing her abusive husband 5x from behind.

R v W (2016) (Leading Junior). Representing defendant for multiple offences of kidnap and attempting to kidnap children shortly after release on sentence of rape.

R v D (2016). Asylum seeker followed female late at night under motorway bridge. Alleged attempted rape and robbery. Admitted robbery. Acquitted attempted rape.

R v McB . Successful defence to s.18 of husband by wife. Raised attempted rape

R v S . Successful prosecution of a professional for multiple rapes within an arranged marriage

R v McA . Successful defence of young person for murder (led). Defendant in vehicle that the fatal shot was fired from

R v G . Defence (led) in murder over neighbourhood dispute

R v A . Successful defence of a taxi driver for attempted rape and digital penetration of a passenger.

R v R-H . Successful defence in a multiple historic sexual offences case, including rape against two first cousins.

R v P . Successful prosecution of brother for multiple rape of sister 50 years ago.

R v B . Defence in alleged Kidnap and Blackmail of former business partner. Acquitted re kidnap.

R v R . Successful defence in multiple alleged historic sexual offences against stepson including rape.

R v H (and ors). Armed robbery of jewellers. Leading authority upon effect on credit for plea of giving evidence in co-defendant's trial.

R v R . Successful defence of student for alleged multiple rape of woman met on internet dating website.

R v M . Family conspiracy to bring infant relative into U.K in breach of immigration rules.

R v J. Leading Junior for Defence in case alleging multiple rape and assaults of girlfriends.

Other examples of cases:

R v T: Successful defence for manslaughter of opposing team member after football match.

R v B: Successful defence of security guard for causing the death by dangerous driving of an 11 year old boy.

R v CR and ors: Successful prosecution of 5 members of a gang for a double stabbing.

R v B: Successful prosecution for child abduction and sexual activity with a child. The complainant was a physically mature runaway child in a consensual relationship with a young man.

R v and ors: Successful defence in gang shooting. First on indictment. Issues included planting of evidence, cell site and distribution and contamination of firearm discharge residue.

R v B: Successful defence of mother for attempted murder of her children. The defendant had very severe post-natal depression.

R v M: Defence of mother in exceptionally serious case of child cruelty, involving multiple fractures and brain haemorrhages to 5 week old child. Acquitted of assault. This case involved expert medical evidence as to age and causation of different brain haemorrhages.

R v S: Major money laundering and mortgage fraud. Defendant acquitted. Prosecution offered no evidence on door of trial after series of written disclosure requests as to suspected participating informant.

R v T: Supply of heroin to police officer. Prosecution case excluded by Judge for entrapment.

R v A: Wife of principal alleged mortgage fraudster - defence of spousal duress. Acquitted.

R v K: Leading Junior in major drugs importation.

R v E and ors: Leading Junior for defence on fraud on the Legal Services Commission.

R v B: Successful defence of the same defendant in separate trials alleging participation in a gang rape and rape of a girl in a care home.

R v M: Successful defence in rape of a profoundly deaf person with learning difficulties.

R v R: Successful defence of consent in alleged rape of retired nurse.

R v S and 4 ors. Successful defence. Defendant employed to cut up high value cars, stolen to order for export to Africa.

R v B. Defence of insanity. Schizophrenic without medicine jumped on train and ended up in unfamiliar town. Broke into house and robbed car keys from occupant, allegedly to steal vehicle to drive home. Contested expert evidence. 2 hung juries-complete acquittal.

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