Ifti has recently joined ALH Solicitors as Head of Marketing and Recruitment.

He is a successful businessman in his own right who was elected as a councillor with Runnymede Borough Council in 2012 and rapidly went up the ranks to became Mayor in 2016. During his mayoral year he was one of the most successful Mayors ever and was responsible for integrating communities and raising over one Million pounds for Charities in the United Kingdom through the Charity Walk for Peace which was also one of the largest fundraising events organised and hosted by a Mayor.

Ifti went on to become Chairman of Community Services at RBC and was also appointed as a Hospital Governor at the St Peters Hospital Trust. He is currently working as the Goodwill Ambassador for The Forest of Memories which is an organisation dedicated to planting trees for the victims of Covid 19 who had sadly passed away.

Ifti has done considerable work in the local community and has established links with numerous international Embassies and other community groups around the UK. He was a contestant on the hit BBC1 business series ‘The Apprentice’. He is a highly motivated individual who has joined ALH Solicitors in order to offer his vast experience and expertise to ALH Solicitors to help the practice expand and branch out into all legal services.

Head of marketing & recruitment


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