Enida is very dedicated and passionate about her job and feels that assisting client’s at the most vulnerable times in their lives is why she became a Solicitor. She is a senior solicitor and the Head of the Family Department.

Enida specialises in all aspects of family law,. She advises and represents clients going through a divorce, as well as clients who have not been married, both in relation to financial settlements, domestic violence and arrangements for children.

Enida’s experience includes financial cases involving substantial income and capital, both in this country and abroad, often involving substantial property portfolios and business arrangements Her initial instinct is to try to reach amicable settlements by agreement, she is also an experienced and confident advocate, and frequently represents her clients in court hearings.

Enida’s strategic and driven approach is valued by her client and she ensures that client care is outstanding combined with the highest quality of legal advice and compassionate mannerism as well as approachability.

Her extensive experience in family law includes:

• Unmarried Partners

• Cohabitation

• Divorce/ Dissolution/ Nullity/Annulment/Judicial Separation

• Finances – Lump sum order/a property adjustment order /Pension sharing order / Freeing Orders/ Mesher Order

• Children – Child Arrangements Orders/ Specific Issue Orders / Child Maintenance

• Child abduction and relocation

• International & cross-border disputes

• Injunctions – Non-Molestation Order/ Occupation Order

• Care Proceedings - Emergency Protection Order /Interim Care Order /Supervision Order /Special Guardianship Orders


She earned a special recognition for her expertise in family law by achieving membership of the Law Society Family Law Scheme.

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