Dominic D’Souza

Dominic D’Souza

Dominic is a specialist criminal defence practitioner, most often instructed as leading junior counsel in very high profile cases. His spectacular results for clients have resulted in him being instructed by solicitors all over the country.

Dominic is an exceptionally charismatic jury advocate and over his 25 years at the Bar has become well known for his powerful cross examinations and dramatic closing speeches.

Dominic has represented a number of actors, sports professionals and musicians and is sought after in high profile cases involving personalities in the public eye. Dominic’s practice comprises a mix of privately and publically funded criminal defence work.

Dominic is ranked in the Legal 500 2021 edition, Crime, (Tier 4 – Leading Juniors) ‘A stand-out defence advocate. He combines a ferocious intellect with over 20 years experience to provide an exceptional level of service to his clients.‘

Dominic speaks fluent Cantonese and conversational French and Spanish.

Dominic is known for going the extra mile for his Clients and instructing Solicitors. The Times 21st December 2017 – By David Pannick QC:

“This year’s celebration of judges and lawyers opens with an award not made every year. Most appreciative client of 2017 is Irfan Zayee, a chauffeur who was acquitted of the theft of a diamond ring from his employer, who refused to give evidence after Mr Zayee threatened to expose the employer’s alleged wrongful behaviour. Outside court, Mr Zayee told reporters: “My only comment is thank god for my barrister [Dominic D’Souza].”

Dominic has recently been appointed as the deputy head of the Criminal Law team in Chambers.

“He defends in sex and drug cases.” – Legal 500 2018 edition for Crime as a Leading Junior.

‘He has a quick grasp of the issues in a case and his cross-examination is well constructed.’ – Legal 500 2017 edition for Crime as a Leading Junior.

“I have worked with Dominic over a number of years and on a range of difficult and highly complex cases. His strategic analysis of the evidence and cross examination of witnesses were and remain a master class of a barrister at the top of his game. He should never be underestimated and his eloquence is beyond critique. I have heard others suggest that they are the ‘world’s greatest living advocate’ but one only has to watch Dominic dismantle a prosecution case to ascertain where that true accolade lies.” Richard Harbord, Solicitor, Harbord & Co Solicitors.

“Dominic is Probably one of the best Advocates I’ve seen in recent years. I had the pleasure of witnessing him destroy a lying law enforcement officer in cross examination followed by a Not Guilty verdict by the Jury.” Orlando Sanchez, O.S.M Legal.

“Fantastic barrister, always incredible results and a pleasure to work with. Dominic is always top of the list when it comes to briefing extremely complex and serious cases. I can’t recommend him highly enough!” Max Reeves, Solicitor, Reeves & Co.

“Dominic D’Souza, ‘The Advocate’ how better to describe a man with tremendous abilities to present a ferocious case to the Audience of Facts, in a subtle style, leaving the listening ear doubtful of the charges. Dominic is extremely hard working, diligent, and leaves no piece of plausible evidence unexplored. He is truly exceptional and indeed no doubt an attribute to his Chambers, Peers and Family!” Fiona McNamee.

“Dominic is instructed by ALH solicitors in our most serious cases of fraud and money laundering, across the spectrum to murder and serious violence. He sustains a clinical approach to case preparation, insisting all parties maintain effective communication across the various digital platforms.
His charismatic cross examinations disguise a relentless pursuit of the truth. Most importantly for an instructing solicitor, he has never lost his love of his vocation and genuinely cares for his clients and their welfare to whom he endears himself almost immediately. With Dominic in your team, you are all but guaranteed the best outcome possible- whatever your circumstances!” Iqbal Hussain, Consultant.

“Dominic D’Souza is one of the finest legal minds at the Bar. He combines outstanding advocacy, forensic attention to detail and an unrivalled commitment to his client.” Des Jenson.

“I co-defended with Dominic at Birmingham Crown Court in later 2010. He was oustanding – his cross examination, his legal submissions and above all, his speech were a masterclass in oral brilliance – his speech was one of the best I have ever seen in 17 years of practice. The frightening thing is that I was told afterwards that he was not at the top of his game during that trial – that he can be even better. So I saw him in a bad week and yet…he blew the opposition away. It was a pleasure to have worked with Dominic.” Kuljeet Singh Dobe, 187 Fleet Street

“Dominic D’Souza is a fantastic barrister. I worked with him whilst a solicitor with Central Law Practice Solicitors couple of years ago on several cases, and he did some very good jobs on them. I was very satisfied not only with his advocacy skills but his knowledge of the law and the outcomes we achieved for the clients.” Mohamed Sourbah,Director at Orwillo & Co Solicitors LTD

“An Olympian of the Bar.” Ian McMeekin

“Mr D’Souza is a rare talent indeed. Tenacious with style. Formidable is an understatement and always willing to listen and then represent. Certainly the right man to have in your team and lead it in the diverse sphere that is Criminal Law Litigation. He encapsulates many of the finest traditions of the Bar of England and Wales.” Delroy Henry, Citadel Chambers

“I instructed Dominic D’Souza for a large scale multi handed conspiracy to import cannabis trial which ran at Manchester Crown Court between November 2017 and February 2018. Dominic’s lay client was first on the indictment as a result of which Dominic had to lead the cross examination of numerous law enforcement officers as well as two key civilian prosecution witnesses who it was alleged by the defence were responsible for the importation. In addition, numerous non defendant bad character applications and other legal arguments at every stage of the trial were expertly made. To conclude, Dominic was absolutely first class on terms of how he dealt with the above matters; not to mention his client care throughout the case, the effectiveness of his cross examination and his excellent closing speech. His focus and stamina throughout what was a lengthy trial was admirable. I would not hesitate to recommend Dominic and he is now my “go to” Counsel particularly in complex, high stakes matters.” Urfan Shafi Mahmood, Solicitor Advocate

“Dominic is a very talented and seasoned professional who has a proven successful track record. His ubiquitous legal brain is highly admired by both his colleagues and competitors. He certainly has a “can do” approach to resolving problems and is a MUST in any criminal case conundrum.” Andrew Andronikou, Corporate Recovery and Reconstruction Partner at Quantuma LLP

“Dominic puts his all into every case I have ever briefed him in. He is a compelling, eloquent and very passionate advocate. He gets right under the skin of a case the way we Solicitors do given the close contact we have with our clients and that inspires huge confidence in him from those who’s reputations and freedom are on the line. I highly recommend him.” Claire Anderson, ABV Solicitors

Dominic has extensive experience in Business Crime having defended in many cases involving complex fraud, insider dealing, money laundering, mortgage and VAT fraud. He is well known for his ability to strategically plan and manage these more complex cases and his skill in presenting his client’s case to a jury.

He has acted as lead counsel in numerous murder cases, trusted by his solicitors in that role due to his commitment to his clients and his undoubted ability.

Dominic is often instructed in large scale people trafficking cases or those involving the Chinese community due to his proficiency in Cantonese and comprehensive understanding of important cultural differences central to many such cases.

Reported Cases
R v Guthrie [2011] All ER (D) 264, [2011] EWCA Crim 1338: First case to be appealed in relation to criminal conviction without a jury after alleged jury tampering, presided over by The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.
R v Goring [2011] All ER (D) 54, [2011] EWCA Crim 2: Leading Counsel defending in this murder case. The issue on appeal was again the basis upon which circumstantial cases should be left to the jury. Goring is one of the guideline authorities on cases dependent entirely on circumstantial evidence.
R v Dawes [2007] EWCA Crim 1165: Absent witnesses, prosecution reliance on statements, admissibility of statements.
R v Cedeno [2006] EWHC 3259 (QB): Setting of minimum term for mandatory life sentences under CJA 2003.
R v James [2005] EWHC 2525 (QB): Setting of minimum term of a mandatory life sentence for purposes of s.269 CJA 2003.
R v Cooper [2004] All ER (D) 535: Submission of no case in circumstantial case.
R v Reed [2003] EWCA Crim 2667: Article 6 and ECHR fair trial principles.
R (On application of the Director of Public Prosecutions) v Blackfriars Crown Court [2001] All ER (D) 205: Custody time limits and judicial bias

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