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Often documents will need to be witnessed before a solicitor for a legal purpose. In addition, if you require certified copies of an original document, we can provide you with this facility. If you are considering changing your name and require a Statutory Declaration to be drafted, we are happy to assist. We can also provide legal advice in respect of other legal documents such as contracts or indemnity guarantees where independent legal advice is required or where a legal document must be explained prior to the document being executed. We can provide advice for clients purchasing properties in the name of a Limited Company where independent legal advice is often required by the loan company or bank providing the loan facility.

Power of Attorney -It may be the case that a person is considering handing over control of their legal affairs to a third party. This may be the case for example if a party wishes another person to deal with the sale of their land abroad or perhaps take over conduct of their affairs due to ill health or age. A Power of Attorney is a legal document authorising a person to represent or act on another’s behalf in respect of their private or business affairs. We have experience in drafting Powers of Attorney for both general and specific matters. If the arrangement is contemplated as being more permanent, we can deal with

Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPA) such as in cases where family members or others require authority over the affairs of another person often due to their old age or medical condition. In some instances, documents will need to be registered with the Court to protect both the rights of the person granting the power of attorney and also to those who are appointed to act on their behalf.

Notary public– In cases where legal documents are to be sent abroad or have a foreign element it is sometimes necessary for the document to be witnessed by a specialist. A Notary Public is a person authorised to certify or execute specific forms, Deeds or other documents often for use in a foreign jurisdiction. In our opinion it is difficult to find a Notary Public who is both local and available. In cases where such a service is required, we work closely with a reliable Notary Public and can make arrangements for documents to be executed at short notice at competitive rates.

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