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We undertake both Legal Aid and privately funded matters and will advise you about the costs of your case and the various options available at the initial consultation.

Our private fee structure is competitive as we strive to provide quality legal services, at affordable rates whilst maintaining high standards of service. Unless a fixed fee has been agreed, our costs are based upon the time we spend on your matter and the expertise of the lawyer dealing with your case. We urge clients to contact us directly with queries in relation to funding their case as we also appreciate that social, financial and personal difficulties often give rise to issues necessitating legal assistance.

Legal Aid (public funded representation) is means tested for criminal and family law cases, which takes into account the income and savings for both the applicant and the applicant’s partner if relevant. We will help you to submit an application for legal aid which has to be supported with evidence. In some cases the applicant will receive financial assistance but also be required to make a contribution to the final costs . The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) considers Financial Eligibility as explained but also whether it is in the Interests of Justice for someone to be granted legal aid through a Legal Merits test. This aspect of the application considers why it is important for you to be represented under the scheme to protect your wider rights as a citizen and to uphold the rule of law.

We aim to offer a free 15 minute initial consultation to all prospective clients to consider their legal issue, gauge whether we can assist and advise on their funding options.
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