Roohul Ameen Lodhi


Roohul Lodhi is co-founder of Arora Lodhi Heath (ALH) and has been a Partner since 1996. He qualified as a solicitor with Townleys Solicitors , a city firm specialising in Sports and Entertainment Law. He spent a number of years in real estate before moving into the legal field . He is a senior solicitor with over 20 years legal experience both preparing and supervising cases . He is also a Court and Duty Solicitor and also is involved in mentoring and negotiating settlements for clients.

He frequently deals with serious offences not only in London but across England in particular Nottingham and Birmingham . A number of these cases have attracted media coverage. Most notably the Thames Suitcase Murder in 2005 as well as three separate murder cases involving British Police Officers most notably the murder of WPC Beshenivsky in 2005 in West Yorkshire. In addition he has represented clients on a variety of highly complex Fraud, Aviation and homicide charges .  

Roohul has been fundamental in the establishment of a national client base for Arora Lodhi Heath and has considerable experience encompassing various areas of Law. He is responsible for the personal and professional development of our personnel and is responsible for overall supervision in further accreditation towards higher rights of audience. He may be contacted via the office or by email . By appointment he is available to travel to meet clients nationally .

Notable Cases 

  • R-v- ZA Suitcase murder in West London attracting international media coverage
  • R-v- MJ Murder of Police officer in Leeds main news on BBC AND ITV
  • R-v- CG Murder involving gang related violence in Sheffield
  • R-v- AS Firearm and attempted murder in East London
  • R-v- GC one of the largest POCA cases prosecuted in the UK
  • R-v- SB Multi handed prostitution ring case involving exploitation of Eastern European women.
  • R-v- X  Prosecution involving child pornography under Obscene Publications ‘Act’ 
  • R-v- RT Terrorism