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“Competent advice at the police station is pivotal to the outcome of any case”

We have a dedicated team of Solicitors and Police Station representatives available to provide Police station Advice and Assistance. We can be contacted on our office number during our office hours of 9.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday and on our 24 hour emergency numbers 07956900667 and 07956565819 evenings and weekends. Attendance at the police is provided free of charge to all clients who have been arrested or who need to attend at the police station to be interviewed.

We are based in West London but are available to attend police stations throughout London. We can also cover police stations throughout England with sufficient notice where a person has been arrested and requires assistance .This is to ensure a personal and professional service from the outset of any investigation. We value our reputation and understand that when clients are arrested or are being investigated for any allegation it is essential that clients minds are put at ease that their case is in safe hands. We are able to advise you from the time of your arrest and detention and the during police interview and at any subsequent return to the police station.

Anyone arrested or attending at a police station is entitled to consult a solicitor free of charge. We strongly advise that you do seek legal advice and exercise your legal rights. Police powers are extensive and far reaching and a detainee has to make important decisions which may affect the outcome or progress of his case. This will include include whether to answer police questions, whether to agree to participate in an identification procedure or provide the police with samples such as fingerprints, nail clipping or blood.

Your choice of firm to instruct at an early stage of an investigation will affect the manner and way that the case will proceed.

Call us today to book a consultation on 020 8993 9995 or fill in the form below and we will call you back. In an emergency please call our 24 hour contact numbers 07956900667 0r 07956565819.


“We pride ourselves on meticulous preparation in every case”


Once charged all criminal cases start in the Magistrates’ Court and a large percentage remain there till conclusion as is the case with less serious matters such as driving offences, minor assaults and theft. Matters of a more serious nature will be dealt with in the crown court. We have in-house solicitors and counsel as well as external barristers who will deal with your case from the outset to help you through the Court process.

We regularly attend magistrate’s courts throughout London conducting bail applications, pleas in mitigation and dealing with trials. At the beginning of your case we will process your application for legal aid if necessary or provide you with competitive rates for private paying clients.

We will thoroughly prepare all aspects of your case including taking your instructions, advising on the evidence, tracking witnesses and obtaining statements, instructing experts if required and of course securing you the most appropriate advocates to represent you at court.


Where the case progresses to the Crown Court we can guide you through the process. We will examine the evidence, obtain your instructions and advise you of your options. It is essential that you have all the information so as to allow you to make informed decisions about your case.

Your case will be prepared by an experienced solicitor and if the matter proceeds to trial you will be represented by an experienced criminal barrister. Over the years we have built close relationships with high ranking chambers and will select the most suitable barrister or Queens Counsel (QC) to deal with your case. If you prefer a barrister of your own choice we shall endeavour to secure their instruction subject to their availability.

We have over 20 years of experience in successfully dealing with all types of Crown Court cases ranging from minor dishonesty offences through to the most serious and complex cases such as Murder, Drugs Offences, Terrorism, Robbery, Serious Fraud Office Investigations Sexual Offences, Driving Offences, Money laundering, Inland Revenue investigations, Customs and Excise investigations, Extradition, and Confiscation Proceedings.


“Unfortunately justice does not always prevail”

There are often situations where a defendant is either wrongly convicted for an offence or otherwise the sentence received is excessive.

We have substantial experience in successfully appealing cases at the Court of Appeal. We work closely with experienced appeal barristers to ensure that the grounds of appeal are robust thereby giving our clients the best chance of success.

If you believe that either you or a family member could benefit from our advice and assistance please get in touch. Please note that legal aid maybe available for this service.

Call us today to book a consultation on 020 8993 9995 or fill in the form below and we will call you back. In an emergency please call our 24 hour contact numbers 07956900667 or 07956565819.

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